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Giant Burial Caskets

Giant Burial Caskets

© Frederic Neema/ Rights Reserved

From Gallery: Giant Burial Caskets

Filename: 16-2269-1021

Photographer: Frederic Neema

Location: Lynn/ IN- United States

Caption: Goliath Casket owner, Keith Davis, points at the curve of the lid of a large burial casket at the Goliath Casket company in Lynn, Indiana. The making of a curved lid is a feature used by Goliath Caskets to prevent from crushing the corpse when the lid is closed. Based in rural Indiana, Goliath Casket specializes in the manufacturing of oversized burial caskets ranging from 29 inch width to 52 inch width (74 to 132 cms), accommodating big human corpses from 300 lbs to over 1000 lbs (136 to over 453 kgs).

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